Q01I do not belong to a Waseda exchange-partner school. Can I still apply for the program?
A01Yes. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, all students can apply for the program.
Q02I am a high school student at the time of application, but will be enrolled in an accredited university from this September. Can I apply for the program this year?
A02Unfortunately no, you need to wait until you are enrolled in a university.
Q03I am a graduate student. Can I apply for the program?
A03As long as you recognize that all academic courses are set on an undergraduate introductory level, you are able to join the program.
Q04I am a student with Japanese nationality. Can I apply for the summer session?
A04We accept students with Japanese nationality as long as you are enrolled in a non-Japanese university.
Q05I am currently in my final year of University and will graduate in the summer. Am I eligible to apply?
A05If you are still enrolled at your home institution on the first day of the program, you are eligible to apply.
Q06I am currently attending a Community College. Am I eligible to apply?
A06Unfortunately Community College students are not eligible to apply.


Q07Is there an application fee?
A07No, there is no application fee.
Q08I have made a mistake on my application. How do I fix it?
A08Please contact us at summersession@list.waseda.jp explaining the mistake you made. Depending on the mistake, we may be able to fix it on our end.
Q09I am a first year student so my grades have not been released yet and I cannot submit a transcript. What should I do?
A09Please submit an official list of courses you are currently taking, and a letter of recommendation from one of your professors.
Q10My university doesn't use a GPA scale, what should I do?
A10We will review your academic achievements by your transcript and the grading scale issued by your university, so please submit these.
Q11Do I need to submit any English proficiency scores such as TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC?
A11No, you do not need to submit a score sheet to us when you apply. However, you will need to have high level of English proficiency in order to keep up with the lectures and to join in class discussions.


Q12I am an international student at my home university. Should I apply for my visa at my home country, or at the country of my home institution?
A12Since visa issues are beyond our control and varies according to the applicant, please talk to your nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate General.
Q13What type of visa should I apply for?
A13Since visa issues are beyond our control and varies according to the applicant, please talk to your nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate General.


Q14Does this program provide an accommodation?
A14Yes, all the students need to stay at the accommodation provided by Waseda Summer Session Office.
Q15How do you assign accommodations?
A15Waseda Summer Session Office will assign rooms to students on a first-come, first-serve basis after payment is received.
Q16Can I extend my stay in Tokyo after the session ends?
A16Yes, you may extend your stay in Tokyo. However, you need to check out from the assigned accommodation on the next day of the end of the session. The accommodation after the summer session must be arranged on your own.
Q17Is food expense included? (Are meals provided at where I am staying? Are there lunch coupons (such as meal plans offered in the university) available?
A17They provide breakfast and dinner at Wakeijuku, but other accommodations do not.
Q18May I invite friends to my room?
A18Non residents are not allowed.


Q19What course levels are offered?
A19In most cases, Summer Session courses are designed as introductory level courses for undergraduate students and do not go beyond intermediate level.
Q20When do I find out which classes I will be taking?
A20The classes you will take are the classes you chose at the time of application. If this is not the case, we will contact you in advance.
Q21I have changed my mind about the classes I want to take. Can I change them?
A21In general, your classes you chose at the time of application are fixed, so unfortunately you will not be able to change them.
Q22Can I change the level of my Japanese course?
A22Since the level of your Japanese course has been set according to the placement test you took, you cannot change your level before arrival. However, if after the first class you feel it is too difficult/easy, you will have a chance to talk to your teachers about it.
Q23Will I be able to transfer the credits I have taken at Waseda University to my home institution?
A23It is up to your home institution whether or not you will be able to transfer your credits. Please discuss with your advisor. You can find details of the course in the course syllabus.
Q24Can I take other courses offered at Waseda University other than Summer Session courses?
A24No, you can not.
Q25Do I need to submit my English test score?
A25It is not necessary. However, classes are held on the premise that you already have the following English ability.
Q26Can regular international students of Waseda University participate? If so, can credits earned during summer session be transferred to my regular program at Waseda University?
A26Please refer to the following website concerning requirements for Waseda University regular students participating in the summer session.
Q27Do I need to buy textbooks in advance?
A27Basically, you do not need to. However, depending on the classes you are taking, you may need to buy textbooks in advance to take to your class. Please carefully read the syllabus.


Q28Can I receive my admission result earlier than the fixed date?
A28Unfortunately, due to the screening schedule we cannot inform you of the result earlier.
Q29Can I pay a program fee by bank transfer?
A29Unfortunately no, we can only accept payments by credit card. For those of you who pay the fee through your home institution, please consult with your contact person.
Q30I cannot be sure whether I have successfully made the payment with my credit card. There was an error message.
A30As we will be able to confirm your payment status, please email us at summersession@list.waseda.jp. Please be careful as if you mistakenly make payments multiple times, we will have to charge you some fee to process your refunds.
Q31Are there any scholarships available for Waseda Summer Session?
A31Scholarship information will be uploaded here as soon as it determined.
Q32Can I arrive later than the program start date and leave before the program end date?
A32Everyone must attend all classes, as well as the orientation and the wrap up session.
Q33Is participation in the Nikko field trip mandatory?
A33Yes, it is.